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Isn’t It All About FAWTSY?

In my opinion Chase Field where the Arizona Diamondbacks play is a special stadium. In fact it is a very special stadium. Yes it has a roof, pool, great sight lines, fantastic food but it is more special because of FAWTSY! You are probably thinking what is FAWTSY? Is it the team mascot, the name of an animal that they let run around the stadium? No and no. Before I tell you what FATWSY is I will say that it is something that all Chase Field employees wear and frankly believe in. FAWTSY is FIND A WAY TO SAY YES!

Let’s say it together – FAWTSY – FIND A WAY TO SAY YES!

  • When one of your friends needs help – isn’t it FAWTSY?
  • When a client has a crazy request – isn’t it FAWTSY?
  • When one of your employees needs some help – isn’t it FAWTSY?
  • When one of your family members wants you to do something that you don’t want to do – isn’t it FAWTSY?

I truly love the word, what it represents and more important that the staff of Chase Field has bonded together, believes in the concept and always does think FATWSY when dealing with their fans!

What do you think about FAWTSY?

  • Do you have the FAWTSY attitude?
  • Do your clients, family and friends think you have FAWTSY?
  • How do you teach FAWTSY to your team?

I look forward to your thoughts and comments.

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