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Yes I Found Something Of Value And Yes I Gave It Back!

A few weeks ago I was reading USA Today and read an article where a man living in Arizona found a backpack and gave it back to the owner. Sounds like a pretty simple story and what’s the big deal or importance of the story? Well there are a few twists to the story – the backpack had a laptop and $3,300.00 in cash in it and the man who found it was homeless. I think this story and person (Dave Tally) is amazing! Truly! He is a person who has been living on the edge for 11 years. Probably many nights where he was cold and hungry. Probably many discussions with himself that said “why me”, “how do I get out of this situation”. All of a sudden he finds a laptop which he could sell and a pile of money and returns it! What an amazing individual. I obviously have never met Dave but I am very proud of him! So glad he did the right thing!

A few years ago I found a wallet in a cab. I have no idea how much money was in it or if and how many credit cards there were. All I did is find his driver’s license and after calling information spoke to the person who was very happy to hear I found his wallet. When we met he did want to give me a “reward” which I wouldn’t take a penny for just doing the right thing.

  • What do you think of Dave Tally and what he did?
  • Have you ever found anything of value and returned it?
  • Did you get a reward?

I look forward to reading your comments.

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