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A Blog About What? Prisoners? Are You Kidding Me?

For over six years I have lived in the great state of Texas. Recently there have a been a few stories that involved prisons that I didn’t fully understand why they couldn’t find easy solutions.

The first one was that inmates are somehow getting cell phones in prison. These devices are being smuggled in and in a few cases have been used to commit crimes on the outside including homicides. Clearly I am NOT a detective or a martial arts expert. I would imagine that a cell phone somehow some way can be used as a weapon against the guards or fellow inmates. Also they could make calls (until the battery runs out) and plan a breakout or another crime.

Solution – Don’t they have metal detectors that would easily detect them? Also even if they get past the metal detector isn’t there some type of jamming device that would not allow these prisoners to use the cell phones. I understand that the guards wouldn’t be able to use their cell phone but maybe that would help with issue number two.

The second issue I have been seeing on TV and reading about is all of the prison breaks that have happened in Texas. Most of these prisoners are in prison for life and have little to no chance of getting out unless they escape which is what lots of them are doing and in one case they got out and murdered a couple a few days after breaking out.

Solution – why don’t all prisoners everywhere who are in for life get some type of tracking device put on them or inserted in them. Ok the inserted wouldn’t work because there would be a ton of backlash but why not a light ankle bracelet?

Just my two cents.

I realize that this might be a controversial subject and people might not be comfortable providing a comment but I hope some will.

  • What do you think?
  • What do you think of my solutions?
  • Any other ideas for the great state of Texas?

I look forward to hearing from you.

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