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I Can’t Believe It My Son Is Actually Wearing MY Clothes?

A few weeks ago I must admit I got a big chuckle. As I came around the corner and said hi to my oldest son I took a double take. I almost said wow – I have a shirt like that and then REALIZED that was my shirt! For the first time he was wearing my clothes and funny the shirt almost fit perfect. My son isn’t a big guy but he certainly is growing up fast and I wonder if this is a trend that will continue.

  • Do your kids wear your clothes?
  • Do you actually buy clothes for yourself with them in mind?
  • Does it bother you when they wear your clothes?
  • Do you share jewelry with your daughter?

I actually felt good that he was wearing my clothes. Of course he can’t fit into my shoes or suits (thankfully) but I have a feeling that shirts will be common property and I am ok with that!

I look forward to reading your comments.

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