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Ask Yourself This Question – Where Do You Do Your BEST Thinking?

The title of this posting might have made you chuckle but I am serious ask yourself where do you do your best thinking? Before you answer that question let me try and put that into context:

  • You have a lot on your mind
  • You have some big decisions to make at work
  • You just got some troubling medical news
  • You have to make a difficult decision about your parents

Regardless of the situation – where do you do your best thinking?

  • Is it in a special room in your house?
  • At your office?
  • Is it while you are watching TV or listening to music?

I know this may seem a little odd but I have asked this question of a few people and got some pretty amazing answers. I do my best thinking when I am driving in a car or on a treadmill. For me those two activities give me a chance to decompress and really think about a situation and give me a better chance to make the right decision.

So I ask you……….


I look forward to hearing from you.

PS – Interesting for most people it isn’t their office which is amazing considering how much time each of us spends in our office. Probably a future posting on the blog!

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