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Big Brother Is Everywhere – How Do You Feel About It?

In the past few months I have had the opportunity to present at a number of different conferences. As a part of that presentation I talk about Big Brother – where we are about the concept and what people really think. Lots of people are very uncomfortable.

Right now:

  • Everything you do!
  • Everything you say!
  • Everywhere you go!
  • Everything you buy!

Is being monitored!

Companies are working VERY hard to develop marketing ideas to reach customers and prospects at the right time – companies believe if they market an offer to a person at the right time it will impact their buying decision. Rest assured this is happening and growing up really fast!

Because of this I have developed a chart to try and determine people’s feelings about big brother. In my opinion people fall into one of the 7 buckets which I have listed below.

click image to see full size

One end of the scale is absolutely no way. Don’t bother me with texts highlighting special deals, don’t show me a commercial that you think may interest me because of certain sites I may have visited. Some people went thru all six buckets very quick and are now in the implementation mode. I believe those people will find creative ways to increase their brand awareness and revenue by implementing this strategy. My position is this, if you can find a creative way to market to me on products that are on sale or restaurants that I frequent are now in my area I say do it. In fact please do it! When I watch TV please let me only see the commercials that interest me! When I am on my computer I understand you need to show me a commercial or at least want to – but please let me control what the subject is!

  • What do you think of big brother?
  • Which bucket are you in?
  • Are you ok giving information if you get something in return?
  • No matter what do you not want to be bothered at all?

Believe me this is a huge debate in my office. I may NOT agree with everyone’s opinion on the subject but I do respect their position.

  • The question is what is yours?

I look forward to reading your comments.

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