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Good or Bad Neighbor? You Tell Me!

I am sure all of us have had good and bad experiences with our neighbors. There was the time that you were baking a cake and didn’t have any eggs but your neighbors did. Who could forget the time you were on vacation for 10 days and they brought in the mail and watched the house? I could always count on them to help me jump my car when it wouldn’t start.

With that said, you can also never forget the bad times. Remember when you were trying to sleep and they were blaring music? Or every time they would cut their lawn they would blow all their leaves onto your property? Who could forget the time when your next-door-neighbor put the dogs outside at 2:00 AM and let them bark for the next 3 hours?

  • Time to share some good neighbor stories

  • What about some bad neighbor stories?
  • Have you had any experience with a nosy neighbor?

So I ask you, good or bad neighbor?

  • You tell me!

I look forward to reading your comments.

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