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To Delete, Or Not To Delete, That Is The Question…

I had a discussion a few weeks ago with a friend of mine about a lot of different things, including the upcoming birthday of a mutual friend who has passed away. Both of us not only knew about the birthday, but we each had it written in our calendars. This raised a few questions, which were:

  • Do you still have his contact information in Outlook?

  • Are you still connected to them on facebook and LinkedIn?

  • Are they still following you on twitter?

I paused for a minute, and then said “yes,” to all of those questions. I gave it some additional thought and realized I still have information for a lot of people who are now in a different place. I haven’t yet and I won’t delete contact information of people who have passed away.

I asked a few other people how they handle this situation. Some do the same thing as I do, while others delete the information right away or when they come across it.

When I think about why I don’t delete it, I come up with a few reasons:

  • I want to ensure that I think of the person during the course of the year.

  • It is a reminder to call their spouse or siblings and comfort them during a potentially difficult time.

What do you do?

  • Delete, or not delete?

I look forward to reading your thoughts.

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