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Check Out These World Record Holders!

Based on the title you may have thought I was talking about people. Surprise, surprise, I was actually talking about a different type of record holder. A few weeks ago the World’s Biggest Burger weighed in at 777 Pounds – yes, almost 800 pounds! It debuted at California’s Alameda County Fair, a record-shattering behemoth:

Here are a few other Guinness World Record holders:
World’s Longest Hotdog:
Stats:375.06 feet
created in Monterrey, Mexico on September 27, 2008
World’s Largest Cheesecake:
Stats:4,703 lbs
created by Philadelphia Kraft Foods Mexico on January 25, 2009
World’s Largest Cupcake:
Stats:1315.2 lbs
created by Passion for Pastry in Boca Raton, FL, on October 3, 2009

Ok, I will admit I am a little hungry!

The Texas Fair is a few months away and there is always someone trying to break the world record for largest pumpkin, cow or pig. It is always fun to see if anyone has broken a record.

  • Have you been to a county fair and seen any record holders?
  • Have you ever been driving and stumbled onto a record holder like in the movie Vacation where they stopped to see the largest ball of yarn?

I look forward to reading your comments.

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