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Who Owns That Armrest?

I remember growing up with my 2 sisters and taking a very long trip up to Montreal to visit my mom’s family every 3 or 4 months. During the 6 hour car ride one thing was for certain, we would ALL fight for the armrest. Back in the day, that was the trophy in the car, the Holy Grail and the thing we all coveted most.

Speed up 35+ years. I guess the same thing is true but this time you are playing the game with strangers, in fact most of the time total strangers. Have you gone to the movies recently and sitting on your left side is a person (stranger) who is hogging the armrest? He/she got there before you and they have the inside position and aren’t moving an inch? Or what about when you are sitting on a 4 hour flight in a row of 3 people and have 4 armrests – who gets what armrest? Does the left rule? Is the 1st to arrive the king/queen?

I know most of you are laughing and thinking I am 100% nuts, but seriously…….what do you do?

So I ask you:

  • How do you handle the situation when you need to share an armrest?
  • Does the situation change when you know the person sitting next to you?
  • What is the protocol?

I know this situation has happened to everyone but the question is what do you do?

I look forward to reading your comments.

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