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When Did I Become A SIR?

This morning it is 25° in Dallas, which is clearly not the norm. When I got to work the card reader on the side door wasn’t working (perhaps frozen) so I needed to enter through the front door. As I was walking through the lobby I said “Good Morning” to the security guard who said, “Sir, have a good morning.” In the last week I can recall at least 5 people calling me “Sir.” At least 5 people! My new chiropractor said, “Sir, how can we help you?” A stranger at the airport said, “Sir, let me get this door for you.”

  • When did I become a sir?
  • Why did I become a sir?
  • Is it my age?
  • My gray hair?
  • My limp?
  • My suit?

Help please……..

  • When did I become a ‘sir’?
  • When do you start calling someone a “Sir”?

I look forward to reading your comments.

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