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If I Agree To Tweet I Get Better Seats? Really?

If you look around everyone is on their blackberry or smartphone. It seems like everyone is making a call, responding to an email, sending a text message or tweeting. However, there are a few places that frowned upon using your smartphone. Announcements are made at Broadway shows, movie theatres and the ballet requesting that you turn off your electronic device and don’t send any communication while you are in the performance.

Well, that may change in the future and in fact in a few spots is has already changed! Connecticut’s Norma Terris Theater, Raleigh’s Carolina Ballet, the Indianapolis Symphony, the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra and the Dayton Opera have all set aside seats for those who wish to live-tweet performances.

I understand technology of today and the need for speed but tweeting during a symphony? Seriously! These theatres might be ok with it now ASSUMING all of the tweets are positive! What if the people send negative tweets? Are the ushers going to go down and take them out of these “special” seats? Are these “special” seats the best seats in the house? If they are isn’t that creating bias with the people tweeting?

To me cell phones, texting, etc. takes away from a performance and doesn’t add any value at all!

I think this is a horrible idea and one that I hope doesn’t work! Can you imagine the announcement that is made prior to the curtain coming up? ‘Everyone please turn off their electronics device except the special 6 people in the second row who are allowed to tweet during the performance!’

  • What do you think?
  • Would you like someone sitting in special seats and tweeting at a performance that you attend?
  • Would you buy seats so you can tweet?
  • Would you not attend a performance if people were allowed to tweet?

I look forward to reading your comments.

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