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Attention Lacrosse Dads, Players, And Coaches I Need Some Advice!

Year after year, both of my boys have done a number of things. Yes, they have gotten bigger, yes they have gotten funnier (in fact hysterical), and yes they have always played baseball in the spring and fall. Well that is changing. For the first time ever, both my sons will be putting the baseball glove and bat on the shelf and playing a different sport… Lacrosse.

I must admit at first I was a little surprised and hurt (back to that in a minute) that they would give up (maybe temporarily) a sport they have played for years. They know most of the coaches, players and have made great progress in terms of getting better every year. I was a little hurt because I love the sport so much and enjoyed so many GREAT memories with my dad, both playing catch and going to baseball games. I thought that might be coming to an end.

I never played Lacrosse as a kid. It wasn’t a sport that had a lot of interest back in the day. Lacrosse is a sport that is very fast, physical and you need a lot of coordination to play. I am a little nervous that my kids might not like it or worse – get hurt. However, it is good that they try different sports and have different experiences.

But I need your help:

  • Have your kids played lacrosse?
  • What do they like about the sport?
  • Are there any drills I could do with them?
  • How can I practice with them?
  • Has your child given up a sport or hobby that they played for years? If so, did they go back to it?

There is a lot I don’t know much about in this world and lacrosse is one of those things, so I hope you respond with some helpful tips.

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