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I Love My DVR – How About A DVR In My… ?

Friday, January 6th, 2012

Over this past weekend I was watching some football games with my son. A few times he stepped out to get something to eat, drink or run around the house. I number of times he said, “What did I miss? How did the Patriots get to the 20 yard line?” Every time I would take my handy dandy clicker (love the clicker, not sure I ever could express how much) and hit the rewind button and low and behold he saw what he missed. I love the DVR function with DirecTV.

Please put that story to the side and think about this. You are in your car driving down the highway and your favorite song comes on. You are alone and singing very loud, or in my case loud and POOR. What if (love what if’s) I told you, you hit a center button on your console and somehow someway you now have that song in your car library! You can replay it whenever you wanted and again sing very loud!

I have asked a few people if they have ever heard of this technology and everyone responds with, “No, but great idea.”

What do you think?

  • Is this a good idea?
  • Would you use this if it was a feature in your car?
  • Is there something out there like it?
  • Would you pay 25¢ per song?
  • Am I crazy?

I really look forward to reading your comments.

Get Your Picks Ready For The 6th Annual Merrill Dubrow Blog Stock Contest. Yes, There Is Money Involved And It Costs Nothing To Join!

Wednesday, January 4th, 2012

This contest is now closed. Click here to follow the stock contest leader board. Good luck to all participants!

First of all, congratulations to Brian Nixon whose stock pick, Genetic Technologies (GENE) went from 1.06 to 3.03 – an increase of 185% For winning the contest Brian will receive $300.00.

2011 was a challenging year for stocks. The average stock went down 21.43% while 30 stocks went up and 76 went down.

To participate in the 2012 contest, here is what you need to do:

Respond to the blog with your stock name and symbol.

State the reason why you picked the stock you did. It’s as simple as that. We’ll do the rest.

A few things to remember:

  • You need to respond by 7:00 PM CST January 23, 2012.
  • You can only have one entry.
  • The stock price needs to be at least $1.00 – anything less will not be accepted into the contest.
  • Only one person can have a particular stock, so the person who responds first gets the pick and we will notify anyone who has a duplicate stock (we had at least 10 duplicates last year and I am sure there will be more this year).
  • If a stock splits, we will make the necessary calculation and adjustment.
  • If the company you pick gets acquired during the year and their company doesn’t have their own stock price, you won’t be counted in the contest.
  • We will use the stock prices as they were at the time the market closed the last trading day of 2010.
  • Like last year we will post a leader board.

First prize will be $300.00 for the person whose stock goes up the highest percentage in 2012.

I will get the ball rolling with my choice for the 2012 contest: Starbucks (SBUX). Everyone seems to love Starbucks and they continue to be creative with their business.

Take the stock challenge of 2012! Get your entries in today!

Again, the deadline is 7:00 PM CST, January 23th.