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I Wish I Had A Chance To Say “Nice Shot” More Often! Here Is My Story Through Some Pictures…


Now that you have seen my story through some pictures, it’s time to fill in the blanks.

A few weeks ago I had an opportunity to visit my parents in Florida. I was staying at the house with my kids for the weekend and my Mom asked me to play tennis on a Saturday. Of course I said yes to the person who taught me how to play over 40 years ago. We woke up early and got out to the courts around 7:30. It was brutally cold and lots of her friends didn’t want to brave the weather so we had to wait a little to find some players to play doubles.

As we got started the match was filled with lots of high fives and comments of Mom nice shot! Way to go!  Even though there was no sun to be found we had a great time and I was smiling ear to ear for over two hours!

What an amazing experience it was to play tennis with my mom. Especially since I am approaching 50 very fast and she is approaching 77 in a few months!

  • Do you ever play sports with your mom?
  • Describe the last meaningful thing you did with your Mom.
  • What is your greatest memory you have with her?
  • Do you have a favorite event that you love to attend with your mom?

Thanks, Mom!  

PS – I wish I could say “Nice Shot” for many years to come! Spending time with my mom means more to me than I ever thought was possible and I hope that every reader has or has had the same feeling.

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