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What’s In A Title? By Guest Writer Christine Cook

There are many different kinds of titles.  There are social titles, academic, professional, hereditary, etc.  Let’s examine professional titles for the purpose this blog. 

There are the more trendy titles like a CEO who is an Energy Officer vs. Executive Officer, a Back-Up Generator vs. Vice President of Sales and a Community Catalyst vs. Social Media Manager, etc.  The latter titles in each category are actual or partial titles of some of my co-workers. 

Now let’s think about the importance of a title.  Some people could care less about title and hierarchy while others find it very important.  Maybe there is a reason for this?  For example I have had a Project Manager send an e-mail and get no response, yet when I send an e-mail with the same information to the same person I get a quick reply.  I’m a CEO but not an “Executive” – I’m more an “Energy”, “Experience” or “Entertainer” type.  I am also an owner of a company but I typically don’t claim this.  When asked what I do, I respond, “I work for a marketing research company” because I do.  No one works for me, they work for the company I happen to own and so do I.

So I’m curious…

  • What is your title?
  • Do you like more conservative or trendy titles? 
  • Does your opinion change if someone has a traditional or a unique title?
  • What is the most unique title you have come across lately?
  • Do you think that people respond differently to people with “higher” titles? 

I look forward to your comments.

Christine Cook is the CEO – Generator – Florist at INGATHER RESEARCH AND INNOVATION RESORTS.    You can check out Christine’s blog on her website at www.ingatherresearch.com

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