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Attention Sports Fans – Tipping At A Stadium???

It is April which means the weather is getting beautiful and the baseball season is upon us. In fact, by the time you read this posting we will be almost a month into the season. A few weeks ago I was at a stadium and I watched a vendor sell beer, and I was curious how often he got a tip. I watched him serve about 10 people or so and it looked like he got a tip about 30% of the time. I realize my sample size is small, but I am curious about when readers tip at a sporting event.

Before I ask you to respond I gave it a little thought and here is what I do. I rarely tip the usher because 99% of the time I know where my seats are and don’t need the usher to assist me.

I will tip a vendor who is walking around selling items like ice cream, water, hot dogs or other things but don’t tip a server if I go and get the food.

Now your turn:

  • Do you tip the usher for taking you to your seats?
  • Do you tip a vendor walking around in the stands?
  • Do you tip a server if you go get the food?
  • Do you have a standard tip you give everyone – like a $1 or $2?

I look forward to reading your comments.

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