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Time To Be Like Bobby And Improvise…

A few weeks ago I was staying at a hotel and used the hotel valet service. The first time I went to get my car I said “Hello,” to a valet (his name was Bobby) and quickly noticed he had 4 paperclips in his mouth. He quickly took them out and put them in his pocket and said, “Hello. How can help you?” I gave him my valet ticket and for some (dumb) reason asked him how many paperclips could he fit into his mouth at one time and he responded with an answer of 12. I was amazed he knew the answer and asked if that is something he has been doing awhile because that isn’t very common. He said, “The other valet people use these rings but since I have lost the use of my right arm I improvise and use paper clips.” I was amazed and impressed with his response and proceeded to ask him what happened. He said he was in a very bad motorcycle accident and then named about 12 bones he broke, including 5 in his face, discussed his nerve damage and the loss of his right arm.

Thankfully it wasn’t that busy and I could continue our discussion. I was amazed with his positive attitude and ability to overcome the accident. When we discussed this he said, “I never should be alive today.” He said the impact of the accident threw him off his bike and he hit a pole. All the doctors said he defied logic and shouldn’t have made it through the accident. He said, “I am lucky to be alive and always look for ways to improvise!”

  • What a great story!
  • What a great person!
  • What a great outlook on life!

I believe there is so much to learn from people like Bobby. In an economy such as the one we are in all of us need to improvise every day of every week!

  • The question is, do we?
  • Do you tend to improvise more in your personal or business life?

I look forward to hearing your comments.

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