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Maybe It Is Me But I Think This Is A Great Idea! What Am I Missing?

Wednesday, April 4th, 2012

A number of times over the past few years I have stayed in hotels while an NBA team was staying there as well. A few things were for sure – you always had fans milling around in the lobby trying to get an autograph and there was always a team bus in front of the hotel. Most teams fly in the night before a game and will have either a practice or light shoot around at the arena in the morning or early afternoon of the game. Then they will go back to the hotel, take a nap, listen to music, etc., and then meet maybe 3 hours before the game in the lobby to take the team bus back to the arena.

This exact scenario happened a few weeks ago in Oklahoma City when the Boston Celtics were in town. My question is, why does it happen that way? Every business is looking to differentiate and separate itself from the competition – most people would agree with that statement. If that is true, why hasn’t a hotel been built with a full, professionally constructed basketball court in the basement?  

  • Wouldn’t that attract professional NBA teams?
  • Wouldn’t that attract men’s/women’s college and high school basketball teams?
  • Doesn’t this make it easier and less stressful for the teams to know all they have to do is take the elevator to the basement, walk past security, and attend practice?
  • Wouldn’t that save on transportation costs for these teams?
  • Doesn’t this make it real easy for gym rats like Ray Allen and other stars that shoot for hours?

What am I missing?

I really think this is a good idea and look forward to hearing from you.

PS – when the court isn’t in use with a pro or college team it would be used by hotel guests for $5.00. Sign me up! I would use it all the time!

Interesting New Law – My Guess Is, Somehow Someway It Gets Reversed!

Monday, April 2nd, 2012

Did you hear the news? Town bans all cellphone use while driving! YES, YOU READ THAT RIGHT!

As you read this you are probably thinking like I did—it is a small town in a rural part of the state that passed this law. That would be wrong. This town is Chapel Hill, North Carolina. As I read this story, I was shocked for many reasons. This is the first town in the United States that passed such a law. Unless it’s an emergency, drivers who talk on their cellphones—even hands-free—in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, will face a $25 fine.

Chapel Hill has a population of more than 51,000 and covers 21.1 square miles, with the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill as one of its major employers. The ban starts June 1.

I just read this story and I am amazed that this passed. Last Monday, the town council voted 5-4 in favor of an ordinance that prohibits any kind of cellphone use while driving. Even though it passed by one vote I think this ruling will be overturned. I am sure there will be a huge outcry from the town. Who knows? A decision like this could have a huge NEGATIVE impact on potential shoppers in the town, which could lead to a closing of retail stores and prospective students who might want to attend the university.

What are your thoughts?

  • Do you think this is a good law?
  • Do you think this law will be over turned?
  • If you have the chance, will you avoid going through Chapel Hill?

I look forward to reading your comments.