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Let Me Know If This Sounds Familiar…

It’s about 5:30 am and yours truly is jumping out of bed to start another day. This day I slept in a little because I am traveling and in a hotel.  After a quick workout and responding to a number of emails I jump in the shower. In the shower are a few (hotel provided) little bottles of shampoo and conditioner as well as a small bar of soap. Here is where the story gets a little comical. Because I am old, Ok, let me not offend anyone who might be my age, lets swap that word out for ‘experienced,’ I can’t see small print very well so I grab one of the small bottles and start to wash my hair. At this point I am happy, perhaps even humming a tune, until I start drying off and realize I didn’t shampoo my hair at all and instead only used conditioner!

Yes, you heard that right! Perhaps I am alone but I don’t use conditioner. I only use shampoo but low and behold I have now dried myself off only to realize I didn’t wash my hair and need to turn on the shower, get the temperature just right (no small feat in a hotel), and wash my hair, not again, but for the first time!

Ok, I am sure some of you are laughing while others are saying, “Hey I have done that exact same thing!”

There is so much I don’t understand and one of those things is why the small shampoo and conditioner bottles are the exact same size, color, and shape?

  • Shouldn’t all products try and differentiate themselves from one another?
  • Am I the only one that thinks that these bottles should be different?

I look forward to reading your comments.

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