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Really… You Dipped What Into What?

A few weeks ago I was with my kids at Steak & Shake – it wasn’t my pick, it was my daughter and youngest son’s choice.

Anyway, I look over my right shoulder and see a 20-something year old taking a French fry and dunking it into his chocolate milk shake – I promise you, this isn’t made up or embellished at all. To me it wasn’t appetizing at all, but I am sure it is to some and who knows perhaps how many. Of course my brain went in a crazy direction and ended up at this place: What other items do people dip things into?

For me, I like to dip potato chips into cottage cheese. I have seen one of my little ones dip potato chips into ketchup and soup.

  • What different and fun creations do your kids make?
  • What do you dip things into?
  • What is the craziest or oddest thing you have ever seen someone dip something into?

I look forward to reading your comments.

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