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Don’t Rules Apply To The Rule Makers?

A few weeks ago I was working out on a treadmill and the person next to me who was also working out on a treadmill was one of the personal trainers for the club. She was talking to another club member during her workout. About 30 minutes later she was finished with her cardio session and left the workout facility. I finished a few minutes later and got a paper towel and the spray to wipe down the machine. As I was doing this it struck me that the personal trainer never did that. The same person who probably put up the sign in the gym saying, “Please wipe down the machine after using it,” didn’t do that. My guess is that she has special sweat and doesn’t feel the need to follow the same rules as everyone else.

A few months prior I was with AVS at a 5th grade graduation for little MT and the principal for the new middle school showed up to say hello and meet some of his new students and parents. It was a very nice gesture and made lots of the kids feel comfortable. What I thought was very interesting was that the entire time he was on stage, which had to be over an hour, he was chewing gum. He was chomping away, never hiding the fact that he had gum in his mouth. In the school most of the teachers don’t allow gum chewing and even if they did, no one would suggest it is OK to chew gum on stage at an important event… like a 5th grade graduation.

  • What happen to setting an example?
  • What happened to following rules that you set?
  • What happened to doing the right thing?
  • Is all of that gone these days?

I look forward to reading your comments.

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