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Sorry Ticketmaster, You Are Missing A Huge Opportunity To Do Much Much More!

Monday, November 5th, 2012

Last month I had the opportunity to attend a Rod Stewart show in Las Vegas with AVS, FM and CM – great time guys!  As a follow-up, Ticketmaster sent me an email to write a review. Really? That’s the follow up you wanted to have with me?

Here are a few of my thoughts – we had a great time at the concert. Rod Stewart was amazing. His passion and audience engagement was off the chart. His energy and charisma would make any 20 year old jealous.  Why aren’t you selling me something as opposed to asking me to write a review?

I am teed up perfect to buy something – so sell me something.

  • How about a limited edition book? Sold!
  • How about a video of the performance? Sold!
  • How about an autographed piece of memorabilia? Sold!
  • How about a signed soccer ball that I didn’t have a chance to catch? Sold
  • How about selling me tickets to a future concert in Dallas?
  • How about selling me a CD?

The funny thing about it is I would have bought a bunch of things. Remember, Ticketmaster knows a ton about me: where I live, credit card information, email address and what type of music I like for starters. I am one who believes they should use it to their advantage.

  • What do you think?
  • Do you believe this strategy would work?
  • Would you buy something from Ticketmaster after a concert?

I look forward to reading your comments.

PS – I understand that Ticketmaster would have to work out licensing and revenue share agreements with Rod Stewart, Caesar’s Palace and others – but let’s assume all of that can be worked out.

Are You Ready For Some Football? Join The Week 10 Merrill Dubrow Blog Football Pool.

Friday, November 2nd, 2012

As I mentioned yesterday, because of Hurricane Sandy we have extended the deadline to get your picks in for this week. The deadline will be Sunday November 4th at 11:00am CST to give everyone on the east coast additional time to participate.  Congratulations to Jake Hurwitz who won last week and joins B Nixon, Doug Golab, Tal Shahar, D Dolphus, Laurel Glenn, Brandon Bettaga, Jessica Cons and Sharon Gautschy who all qualify for the Championship week and a chance at the grand prize of $500… And more importantly, bragging rights for the next 9 months!!

In addition, the two people who have the highest cumulative score (these standings will be updated weekly) will be given a spot in the grand prize pool along with the weekly winners. As of right now Tal Shahar has 83 wins followed by Rich Zeichner who has 79 wins.

Remember, if you use the same email to enter a friend, colleague or a family member, our system will count the most recent email as your picks.

To see the current standings, click here. The results page shows this week’s current standings as well as the cumulative rankings.

All picks need to be in by 5:00pm (CST) on Thursday, November 8.

Click here to participate in this week’s pool.

Feel free to share the link and have friends, colleague, relatives, kids and anyone else you want join the pool.

Good luck to all.

PS. My son Justin has 74 overall wins and is beating me by 6.