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Three Things That My Dry Cleaner Doesn’t Do That Every Company HAS TO DO!

I drop off my clothes at the dry cleaner weekly and the staff is always friendly. A hello, good bye is always said but there are a few things that are missing.

A few weeks ago I dropped off some clothes as well as picked up and paid for the clothes that I had dropped off the week earlier. As I was getting out of the car I asked my son (thanks J.D.) to bring in my dry cleaning and he actually said, “Dad – these clothes don’t look like yours.” As I took a quick look he was 100% right and two minutes later we were back at the dry cleaners exchanging the wrong clothes…. I hoped. Thankfully after 15 minutes they found my clothes and life was back to normal and my shirts were back with me. The interesting thing was what the owner said or actually didn’t say. The only thing he said was, “Thanks for bringing back the clothes,” which I thought was very odd. There was no sorry for the mix up… no sorry for any inconvenience… in fact, no sorry at all.

  • Lesson number 1: Say I’m sorry. It isn’t a sign of weakness; it isn’t a sign of embarrassment. Frankly it is a sign of honesty and sincerity, and it shows the customer you really, really care about them and their business!

In the past few months I have also noticed that my dry cleaner will give me a date/time when my clothes will be ready. Low and behold when I show up, they aren’t. I understand that you can miss a deadline but when you know you have missed a deadline, say something; they have my phone number and email. Make a call or send a text/email.

  • Lesson number 2: Everyone will miss a deadline. Doing nothing, sweeping it under the rug and not communicating is a huge mistake and CAN only cost your business in the long run!

This next one was actually very funny or at least I thought it was funny. I lost one of my buttons on my shirt and asked my dry cleaner to sew it back on. They said, “No problem at all and it will be ready when the rest of your clothes are ready.” A few weeks later I wore the shirt that they had fixed and noticed the button (on my sleeve) was actually a different color than the one next to it. My dress shirts have two buttons on the sleeve so it is very easy for me to notice. I looked at the bottom of my shirt where there is always extra buttons sewn in and low and behold, all of the extra buttons are still there. Ok, I will admit I did chuckle a little bit.

  • Lesson number 3: Pay attention to details. It is the SMALLEST of details that can and WILL affect your business the most.  Rest assured if you pay attention to details your enterprise has a much better chance to be successful.

So I ask you …..

  • Do you want to be like my dry cleaner or the exact opposite?

I look forward to reading your comments.

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