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How Do You Show Your Employees You Love Them?

A few weeks ago I was flying into DFW Airport (the best airport in the world) and as we were flying over a warehouse, I saw a message on the roof in big letters: Container Store Loves Our Employees. Of course I paused and thought about the message. I didn’t relate it to the Container Store but rather to our company, the company I work for and am President of.  So I asked myself, “Do we love our employees?” I quickly came up with a “Yes” and then asked myself a follow up question – “Do we show it?”

I didn’t want to just go with a “Yes” but rather a list of things that I believe we do that illustrates how we feel. Here are the first 6 I came up with:

  • We have summer hours – meaning that from Memorial Day to Labor Day we work an extra hour Monday thru Thursday and get off at 1:00 on Friday.
  • I personally send every member of the team an email on their birthday & company anniversary and copy their boss.
  • Casual dress days on Friday
  • I have an open door policy and I am very accessible. If anyone wants to talk, I am available and will listen.
  • We have a business update every month and communicate to the entire company what is going on, review current strategy and financial numbers.
  • We recognize employees thru a number of programs we have in place. Those awards include Employee of the Month/Year, Select Award, Way To Go and Dine On Dubrow.

Company atmosphere and staff is and has always been a top priority of mine. I truly believe a happy staff leads to happy clients – and without clients you really don’t have a business.

Your turn:

  • How do you show your staff that you love them?
  • What special things does your company do to provide a great work environment?
  • What is the nicest thing anyone ever did for you at work?

I look forward to reading your comments.

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