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Hey LinkedIn! Instead Of “500+”, What About Some New Labels?

Monday, May 6th, 2013

Anyone who knows me or reads the blog is aware that I am a huge fan of LinkedIn. I visit the site daily, make new connections after each meeting or conference I attend and use it as a valuable business tool. Perhaps, it is the most impressive, important free tool that has ever been available in the business world.

I believe the highest listing that LinkedIn has is 500+. I know of a number of people who have more but for some reason it tops out at 500+.

Why is that? I am sure they don’t want to say 700+, but why not have 1000+ or 2500+? As of today I have over 3900 connections with a goal to reach 5,000 within a year.

By that time I hope that LinkedIn has new labels.

  • What do you think?
  • Are you happy with 500+?
  • Should they have other distinctions?

I look forward to reading your comments.

Attention: Football Fans – I Am Not Playing Monday Morning Quarterback – Here Is Exactly What Will Happen

Friday, May 3rd, 2013

Sometimes things are hard to see and hard to predict but not this one.  In 4 years as the NY Jets Head Coach, Rex Ryan has a 34-30 record – basically a .500 record. In my mind, an average record and he is an average coach. If you listened to Rex Ryan you would have thought he was the greatest coach of all time and Bill Belichick could only carry his luggage. Since the time he went to back-to-back AFC Championship games, he has a record of 14-18 and missed the playoffs the last two years. While coaching in New York, everything you do, everything you say and everywhere you go is under a microscope. Why make bold statements? Rex does that all of the time and frankly, rarely can back it up.  

Sorry to say to the fans of the NY Jets that they are in a transition year and have NO shot at a chance at the playoffs.  In fact they might just duplicate their record from a year ago which was 6-10. In my opinion the only interesting thing about the Jets this year will be how Rex Ryan handles the situation. Does he make excuses? Or does he take the blame himself? Does he put the blame on his shoulders? My hope is that Rex rides off into the sunset (after he is fired this year) and checks his ego at the door and takes all the blame.

Sorry Jets fans, no Monday morning quarterback from me. Rex Ryan doesn’t coach the Jets for the 2015 season.

What do you think?

  • Am I right?
  • Are you a fan of the Jets?
  • Do you like Rex as a coach?
  • Who would you like to coach the Jets?

I look forward to reading your comments.

PS – I don’t know Rex, have no axe to grind and hate to see anyone lose their job, but transition year and Rex Ryan just don’t go together in the same sentence.

As I Get Older I Notice…

Wednesday, May 1st, 2013

A year ago I celebrated a special birthday that had a special number! Ok, it started with a 5! The past year I have noticed a few things:

    • I am much more reflective – perhaps this finally a sign that I am growing up and getting more mature
    • My family and friends mean the WORLD to me. AS, AB, GS, SS, JD, LB, SC, MC, AL, RH, PD, KW, JK and many more – thanks for being who you are and supporting me no matter what I do or what I think!
    • Business is hard, challenging and I truly love every minute of it.
    • My musical taste is bad and continues to get worse!
    • I truly wish my kids had met my grandmother and their great grandmother – what a special person and one I miss each and everyday.
    • Getting old is real!

Ok now your turn:

    • Is there anything you have learned over the past few years?
    • Is there anything you hope you can learn over the next few years?

I truly hope to hear from you and look forward to reading your comments.