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Would You Get A Tattoo Of Your Company Logo For Money?

Last month I was reading an article that I found very interesting. Rapid Realty in New York is giving incentives to employees (40 so far) who have gotten a tattoo with their company logo.

The CEO says their staff is very passionate about the brand and one of the reasons that people do it, but I am sure some additional dollars certainly help as well. Anyone who gets a tattoo gets an extra 15% commission.

Well, let’s test their theory a little bit.

  • Would you get a tattoo of your company logo if you got $1,000?
  • How about $5,000?
  • What would your price be to get a tattoo with your company logo?

What do you think of this strategy?

When I think of passionate brands I quickly build a list that includes Starbucks & Apple. I wonder if those companies have or would ever have such a policy?

I look forward to reading your comments.

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