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Here’s A Few Ways To Keep Tabs On Your Kids…

Everyone worries about their kids. Ok, some probably more than others. Here are 5 ways to keep some tabs on them and ease your mind all at the same time.

Life 360

Life360 has established itself as a leading app for everyone in the family to use together. You can keep tabs on all family members using the app and also see when kids have arrived or left their destinations. Used as more of a family communication device than a GPS tracker, Life360 also enables group messaging and instant VoIP conference calls to enable everyone to stay in contact.

Price: Free for iOS and Android

Amber Alert GPS

Created more as a dedicated kids’ safety device, Amber Alert GPS lets you track your child’s whereabouts and receive emails and texts if an alert is triggered (if they venture outside of a safe zone, for example). It even notifies you if your child comes within 500 feet of a registered sex offender’s residence and gives your child the ability to use an SOS button if they need immediate help.

Price: $220 for device and one year of service

Pocket Finder

PocketFinder is another GPS tracking option that offers features such as real-time tracking, alerts, safe zone designations and speed limit alerts in cars. PocketFinder works with a complementary iOS and Android app and also lets you view up to 60 days of map history.

Price: $149.95 + $12.95 per month for service


For parents who want to track their driving teens, Canary for iOS and Android is a helpful app for knowing your child’s smartphone behavior while driving. After installing the app on everyone’s phone, parents will get alerts with details on calls, texts, driving speeds and locations when the car is moving faster than 12 mph.
Unlike many other driving apps, Canary does not disable the phone, but gives parents an opportunity to see activity and bring it up directly with their kids.

5Star Urgent Response

The 5Star device does offer GPS tracking, but its real purpose lies in its emergency response system. In addition to tracking someone’s location using web-based tools, anyone who has the device has instant access to an emergency and medical alert system that gives access to response agents through the touch of a button. It’s a great safety measure for newly-licensed teens whose driving you may be nervous about when they’re on the road.

Price: $49.99 plus $14.99 per month for service

  • Have you used any of these?
  • What other apps have you used that you would recommend?

I really look forward to hearing from you. This is a very important subject. I am excited to hear your thoughts.

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