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Are You Ready For Some Football? Time To Join Our Weekly Football Pool! Yes! It Is Free… And There Are Prizes!

For three years now we have had a football pool and I am excited to say we are going to continue it for another year. Last year’s overall winner was Doug Golab and cumulative winner was Tal Shahar. Doug followed Andrew Dixon and Sarah Baird who won the first two years of the pool. It is VERY easy to participate. Here are the rules:

  • We keep track of everyone’s cumulative score and will be awarding a spot in the final week to the top two people who pick the most correct games right for the first 16 weeks. If those people win a week they will be awarded another spot in the finale.
  • Every Friday (except for the week of Thanksgiving which we will post on a Wednesday) we will post a link to the weekly pool.
  • All you need to do is click on who you think the winner will be.
  • We are just picking winners. The point spread means NOTHING in this pool.
  • Every week we will have a winner. The winner will be the person who has the most correct games.
  • If there is a tie, the tiebreaker will be the total points of the Monday night game.
  • If there is still a tie the people tied will split the weekly prize.
  • All picks need to be in by Thursday at 5:00 CST except Thanksgiving. Picks need to be in by 5:00 CST on Wednesday, the week of Thanksgiving.

The weekly prize will be a $50 American Express gift certificate. In addition, the person with the highest CUMULATIVE SCORE for the year has been increased to a $300.00 American Express gift card and the person who has the second highest cumulative score will be awarded a $150 American Express gift card. The tie-breaker (if needed) for the cumulative winners will be the total points for the Monday night game on week 16.

There is a bonus as well!

The pool will go on like this for 16 weeks. For week 17 only the winners of the prior 16 weeks and the 2 cumulative winners can participate for the grand prize, a $500 American Express gift card. If a person wins multiple weeks during the first 16 weeks they can have multiple entries in week 17.

I will be playing as well but CANNOT win the pool. I hope everyone will enjoy the football pool and I can’t wait to see who wins the first prize and has bragging rights until next year!

Good luck to all and CLICK HERE to let the games begin!

PS – After careful consideration of potential changes to the football pool, we decided to increase the cumulative winners – Thanks for all your suggestions.

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