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Please Slow Down A Little Bit…

So there I am in Webster, Texas all excited about entering the Johnson Space Center with the kids. It’s a beautiful Saturday morning, the birds are chirping, everyone had a nice breakfast and now we’re entering the parking lot – a perfect plan. It is 8:50am and the space center opens at 9:00am. Well, apparently the website was wrong and they open up at 10:00am. After a quick trip to CVS we are back waiting in the parking lot. During those 30 minutes everyone who was getting in line to enter the space center had to go past us and I noticed a trend. Every couple or family had the guy walking ahead of either his wife or the entire family. At first I couldn’t believe it, but it was true in EVERY single case. The guy was 3-4 steps ahead.

I never noticed this before.

  • Do guys just walk faster than girls?
  • Are guys in that big a hurry?
  • Do guys not want to allow some stranger to beat them to the line?
  • Have you noticed this as well?
  • Does it happen in your family?

I look forward to reading your comments.

PS – I do this and trying very hard to change.

PSS – I have no idea why I do it!

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