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Is Success All About Intelligence?

Is success all about intelligence? It might be a funny question but I think it is an important one. I have a feeling if I said, “Raise your hand if you know someone who is an underachiever.” All of our hands would be raised. We probably all know smart people. In fact we probably know very smart people who aren’t as successful as they could be. Success means something different to all of us. I am not going to try and define that today (perhaps a future blog) but would rather focus on this question:

Is success all about intelligence?

For me it isn’t. In fact it is lots of other qualities. When I look at people who are successful, I see some common traits:

  • Has a great work ethic
  • Always trying to look at things a little different
  • Ask questions all the time
  • Is aware of their shortcomings
  • Has some leadership qualities

What do you think?

  • Is success all about intelligence?
  • What do you think about my list?
  • What traits do you think people need to be successful?

I look forward to reading your comments.

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