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Infographics – Is 2014 The Year They Really Catch On?

As a season ticket holder of the Dallas Mavericks, I receive a lot of communication. Discounts, change of times and general messages have been very common in the past. This year it is a little different. Mark Cuban & the Dallas Mavericks have added a pre and post-game email. And not just any email – an infographic. It is a nice well-positioned, clean-looking graphic filled with a ton of information.

Here is an example of one of them:

I must say I really like it! Not because I don’t get enough email but because I am a fan and like a quick update. Also, I really dislike text heavy messages and feel they don’t get their point across.

This gets the point across in a very easy to read, easy to understand way! It also shows me that the Mavericks have been able to incorporate new technology into their marketing – nicely done!

  • Have you seen other sports teams use infographics?
  • Do you like what the Dallas Mavericks are doing?
  • Do you think future ads for retail stores will be infographics?
  • Have you seen a lot of companies using infographics to present data in the research industry?
  • Do you think that infographics will have a bigger place in 2014?

Look forward to reading your comments.

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