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Attention Sports Fans: Who Deserves A Parade?

A few years ago the Stanley Cup was won by the Chicago Blackhawks putting an end to the longest running title drought in the NHL—49 years. That coupled with the fact that every year we hear how long it has been since the Chicago Cubs last won the World Series got me thinking.  I compiled a list of teams with the year they won their last championship. Take a look at the list and think of others.

Today I give you the power to give out a championship and trophy to one city!

Chicago Cubs (MLB) 1908

Arizona Cardinals (NFL) 1947

Cleveland Indians (MLB) 1948

Detroit Lions (NFL) 1957

Philadelphia Eagles (NFL) 1960

Toronto Maple Leafs (NHL) 1967

Milwaukee Bucks (NBA) 1971

The NY Knicks (NBA) 1973

  • Who else did you add to the list?
  • Which city/team gets would you like to give a championship and trophy too?
  • Why did you pick them?

I look forward to reading your comments.

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