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Are You Inside The Zone?

After working out a few weeks ago I took a quick shower and was getting ready to go to the movies (with AVS) and see Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit. As I was getting dressed my hair was still wet so I grabbed a hat and the one I chose was Inside The Zone, a company that a buddy (R.P) owns.

As I was walking out the door I started to think about what “Inside the Zone” means to me and when I’m truly “Inside the Zone”?

To me “Inside the Zone” means that I am totally focused on what I am doing. Trust me, for someone who is certainly ADD, that is very hard. I am really concentrated on a situation at hand and nothing else matters. I am giving it my all, the attention that it deserves and hopefully the result I want.

The places that I tend to be Inside the Zone:

  1. A company offsite strategy session
  2. During one of my presentation on stage at a conference
  3. Playing sports especially with my friends

Ok your turn:

  • What does "Inside the Zone" mean to you?
  • When are you truly "Inside the Zone"?

I look forward to reading your comments.

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