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How Do You Use Your Travel Reward Program Points?

A few weeks ago, I was talking with a few friends and they mentioned that they were saving their airline mileage points for a family trip. They were a little short on points at the time, but they knew that within a few months they would have enough to take the entire family on a trip.

This got me thinking about the different ways that I tend to use my points.

My strategies may be a little different than most people’s. First, I try to use my airline points to buy flights if the flight is over $500. I must admit, rarely am I able to use the 25,000 point option, usually I end up in the 50,000 point option for the flights I need. I also try to go to a lot of sporting events, occasionally on short notice; I like to use my points for those types of trips if I can. Additionally, I give away points to my family and friends so they can enjoy some travel as well. As most of you know, I love the Marriott brands and I do save my points for family vacations. I enjoy taking my kids on vacation and they love staying in beach resorts so I like to use points to upgrade if I have the opportunity to do so.

  • When do you like to use your airline points?
  • Do you save up for something special or do you use them as you go?
  • Have you ever gifted your points?
  • Do you have any practices that you use to accumulate points quicker?

    I look forward to reading your comments.

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