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Attention Sports Fans and Foodies…Are You Ready For This Challenge?!

Friday, April 4th, 2014

When I was a kid, I would plan what I was going to eat long before I got to Fenway park. If I did that now, I would probably have to save up a fortune…and fast for three days before I walked into the stadium.

For fans visiting the Tampa Bay Rays this year, there is a special challenge they have for you. The winner doesn’t get a trophy or money…but rather high fives from friends and strangers as well as a T-shirt and two tickets to a future Rays game.

The challenge is: Eat a 4 lb burger with a 1 lb side of fries. They’re calling this challenge “FAN VS. FOOD” (named after the TV show, “Man vs. Food”)
The meal is $30 and I am sure it’s worth hours of stories that you can share with your friends!

  • Are you in?! Will you accept the “Fan vs. Food” challenge?
  • How much of that food do you think you could eat?
  • Do you know anyone who could actually finish this meal?
  • Do you know of any other stadiums that have similar challenges?

    I look forward to reading your comments.