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Does Your Work Space Represent Who You Are?

Recently, a buddy of mine ask me if I had sports memorabilia in my office. Before I answered him, I asked why he had asked me. He said, “I know how much you love sports, attending games and memorabilia so I assume you had some in your office.”

His comment made me think and I looked around my office and asked myself these questions:

  • Does my office represent who I am?
  • If someone didn’t know me personally, what would they know about me after being in my office?

    For those of you who haven’t been in my office, below are a few pictures:

    When I had the pictures taken, my office was “as-is”, nothing had be moved or staged, it was just as it is when I use it. As I look at the pictures of my office, this is what it represents to me:

    • I am clean/very organized
    • I love sports
    • Family and friends are very important to me
    • I have a connection to Hofstra University
    • Stylistically, I like somewhat trendy, clean-looking furniture
    • Collecting is a hobby of mine, there are several bobble heads and mini football helmets
    • Based on my hat display, either I’m a St. Louis Rams fan or a New England Patriots fan

      Now it’s your turn!

      • What do you think my office says about me?
      • Does your office/work space represent who you are?!
      • If someone didn’t know you personally, what might they know about you after being in your office/work space?

        I look forward to reading your comments.

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