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Fun Friday Quiz: Do YOU Know What These 6 Words Mean?

Friday, June 6th, 2014

With the explosion of social media and technology lots of new words & phrases have been born.

Time to take a quick quiz and see if you know what these 6 words mean!

Click Here to Take the Quiz.

Thanks for playing!

I Am The New Commissioner of the NFL and I’m Changing the Next 4 Super Bowl Locations!

Wednesday, June 4th, 2014

A few weeks ago, the NFL announced that the 2018 Super Bowl will be played in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Shortly after the announcement I started to debate with a few friends (including R.H.) After a spirited discussion, I said that I would write a blog post with my thoughts about my preferences for the next few big games!

Before I do that, I want to share some background about the Superbowl venue selection: The game has been played (or is scheduled to be played) in 22 different stadiums covering 15 different regions.

Okay, now, here is my analysis of the selections!

  • Glendale, Arizona 2015 Great choice from a weather perspective and the stadium is beautiful. Having said that, I would move this game to Los Angeles, California. Great weather with fantastic beaches. Even if you can’t swim in February, you can still go for a walk on the beach. I would use the Super Bowl as a springboard to get an NFL team back to the Los Angeles area.
  • Santa Clara, California 2016 – This is a solid pick BUT of course I need to move it. I would actually move it to the Midwest and Chicago, Illinois would be my host city. Lots of hotels, centrally located in the United States, two major airports, private airports and a ton of football history! Soldier Field has been renovated and to play the big game there would be amazing.
  • Houston Texas 2017 – I have no idea why they chose this place or why they played two other Super Bowls there. This is an easy trade for me but very controversial. I say, the biggest game of the year goes to one of the craziest cities and biggest tourist attractions in the country…Las Vegas, Nevada. Why not play the game at a new stadium called Wynn Park that’s located 7 miles from the strip and seats 90,000 people?! Come on, time to dream…how amazing would this be?!
  • Minneapolis, Minnesota 2018 Are you kidding me?! Why?! Yes, they will have a new stadium but it is winter and there’s not a ton to do there. This game has got to be moved and it’s time to give Jerry and his famous stadium another shot. I say move this game to Arlington, Texas!

    So, I ask you:

  • What do you think about the NFL picks?
  • What do you think about my Super Bowl city picks?
  • What locations would you like to see host the Big Game?

    I look forward to reading your comments.

Attention Everyone! It’s All About Networking!

Monday, June 2nd, 2014

Over the past few weeks, I have fielded calls from family, friends & industry contacts and over the course of these conversations, they have asked me:

  • My opinion of Bentley College because his son is considering attending
  • If I had any extra tickets to the Byron Nelson golf tournament
  • What my thoughts were about a specific market research conference
  • For help getting their nephew a job in the IT industry
  • Advice on three research companies for interview purposes
  • Asking if I would be a reference for a job they’re in the final interview process for

      My last 10 conference presentations have all had one thing in common: Networking! I try to reinforce and give real examples of why staying connected and being a good networker is so important. Lots of people think that they can network when they need a job or something. Sorry, but that isn’t the case! At that point, it is almost too late! This is a business environment that we have been in for a very long time and for what is on the horizon, everyone needs to network, stay connected and know what is going on at all times!

      Sometimes people think that being a good networker is a bad thing, is intrusive, or it is taking advantage. To me, it really depends on how you approach the situation. Personally, being a great networker means that I can gain information as well. In fact, important information such as: How are companies doing in the market research industry? Who is hiring? What is the latest buzz in the industry? Which conferences should be on my radar?

      I think that being a great networker is a critical component to staying on top of what is going on and can clearly help make your company successful.