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Trust Me, Keep an Eye on your Credit Card Statements

It was supposed to be a normal Saturday morning; I would get up early, water the plants and do a little landscaping. After responding to a few emails, I decided to review my American Express Account online. As I was reviewing my charges I noticed that according to my online transaction record, I had eaten at Subway and a Chinese restaurant and filled up my gas tank earlier that week…nothing out of the ordinary, really….except that I had done all of those things in Florida. Since I am not a magician, nor can I appear in multiple states at the same time, this wasn’t possible because I had been in Dallas all week (which my other charges on that card from the week could easily prove).

This was quickly resolved by a quick call to American Express (who couldn’t have been nicer or more helpful) and I quickly received a new card. Strangely, this is the second time this has happened to me in the past year.

I have heard many stories that are a lot worse than this one, but with identity and credit theft on the rise we all need to be paying more attention.

  • Do you have any best practices that can prevent this from happening?
  • Have you had your credit card stolen in the past year?
  • Was the situation resolved quickly?

I look forward to reading your comments!

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