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Remember the Days When Penny Candy…Actually Cost a Penny?

Last month, I was having a blast with my kids in Cape Cod. As part of our fun I needed to go to a candy store…yes, partly for the kids but also for myself because I have a sweet tooth as well.

I must admit I chuckled a little bit when I saw the sign that said “Penny Candy $7.99 a Pound”. I can still close my eyes and remember the days when I would take a short bike ride with my sisters or friends to a buffalo farm that had a general store where Fire Balls, Bazooka gum, Lemon Drops and Root Beer Barrels were actually sold for a penny!

I miss those days!

Let’s go back a decade, or two, or three

  • Did you like penny candy?
  • If you do, what was your favorite?
  • Do you still have a sweet tooth?
  • What is your favorite candy today?

    I look forward to reading your comments!

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