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Time to Get a Haircut…is Getting it Colored Next?

I get my hair cut about every three weeks and I always make fun of the amount of gray hair I have. Recently, the person who cuts my hair (thanks S.Y.) has been asking me if I’d like my hair colored and every time I say “No, definitely not, whatever is supposed to happen will happen.” However, I must admit that I’m coming off my answer a little bit and asked S.Y. what % of men over 40 color their hair and I was shocked to find out that the percentage is very high โ€“ over 50%! After I heard that, I started to ask around: Who does get their hair colored? While many of my friends wonโ€™t say they do it all the time they WILL and DID admit to having it done a few times.

I think gray hair looks distinguished on a guy…but maybe that’s the wrong way of looking at it!

  • Do you like gray hair on a man over 45?
  • What % of men over 40 do you think get their hair colored?
  • Okay…Here Goes! Should I get my hair colored?

    I look forward to reading your comments

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