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You Have To Do One of These Things: Which Will it Be?

Wednesday, October 8th, 2014

Okay, yes, these are all scary…but: If I said you had to do one of these things:

  • Which one would you do?
  • Would you actually consider doing a second one?
  • If so, which other activity would you consider?

Cliff Camping Sky Walking in the Alps
Climbing Redwoods Extreme Kayaking at Victoria Falls
Ice Climbing a Frozen Waterfall Extreme Picnicking
Skywalking on Mount Nimbus in Canada Diving 30 Meters Through a Rock Monolith in Portugal

I look forward to reading your comments.

Hello, Lost & Found!

Monday, October 6th, 2014

Okay, let me start by saying: I am getting older and with that (for me) I’m also getting a little bit more forgetful. Recently, I left a few things in my rental car and remembered later that night after dropping it off. The items were actually: a suit, shirt and a pair of socks. As luck would have it Enterprise found the stuff and couldn’t have been nicer about it. I actually picked it up the next day (the rental was in Dallas) so that problem was solved very easily.

This led me to think back about the other things that I have left behind, misplaced or frankly…lost. So, I ask you:

  • Are you getting a little more forgetful?
  • What was the last item that you lost but finally found?
  • What is the most expensive item you’ve ever lost permanently?

    I look forward to reading your comments!

Are You Ready for Some Football?! Join the Week 6 Football Pool!

Friday, October 3rd, 2014

Congratulations to Colleen Nelson who beat out 317 participants to win the fourth week of the pool and the $50 American Express gift card. Additionally, Colleen joins Ryan Rojas, Brooks Deaton and Bobbie Kirkland as the fourth person to qualify for the championship week. Last week had some big upsets: Tampa beat Pittsburgh, the Vikings knocked off the Falcons and the Cowboys got to 3-1 with a huge win against the New Orleans Saints .

To see the current standings, click here. The results page shows this week’s current standings as well as the cumulative rankings.

Remember, the weekly winners will be given a spot in the grand prize pool which will be during week 17 for an opportunity to win $500 and, of course, bragging rights for the next 6 months. In addition, the two people with the highest cumulative score (these standings will be updated weekly) will be given a spot in the grand prize pool along with the weekly winners.

All picks need to be in by 5:00pm (CST) on Thursday, October 9, 2014.

Click here to participate in this week’s pool.

Feel free to share the link and have friends, colleague, relatives, kids and anyone else you want join the pool.

Good luck to all.

PS. Interesting note: 5% of the pool participants don’t watch any football!

Have You Noticed This Trend in Car Dealership Service Departments?

Wednesday, October 1st, 2014

In the past month, my car has been in the shop a couple of times; once for some routine maintenance and once for a little longer for repairs after it was hit in the parking lot of a restaurant. The exact same thing happened both times: I was greeted very nicely in the service area by a service technician who checked me in and explained everything. After that, another person who had been walking around my car came up and said, “I noticed you have little chips in your windshield glass, insurance covers this 100%, we can do it very quickly and it won’t cost you a dime.” Well, the first time I said yes and sure enough, everything the person said was true! The second time (about three weeks later) I was kind of surprised, considering it had just been fixed and I said (kind of jokingly), “I just had it fixed by you guys in the last month…I doubt that those are new chips, perhaps you didn’t do a good enough job fixing them the first time.”

The guy did chuckle a little bit but the entire experience caused me to pause and really think.

  • Have you had your windshield fixed recently?
  • Is this a quick and easy way for dealership service centers to increase revenue?
  • Are dealerships in different states doing this? Or is this just specific to my dealership or perhaps dealerships in Texas?

    I look forward to reading your comments!