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I Wear Women’s Shoes, and it’s Merrill’s Fault! By Guest Blogger, Ed Sugar

Yes, you read correctly, I wear women’s shoes and I have the host of this esteemed blog to thank for that.

Back in January of 1994, MD and I were in Dallas for an American Marketing Association meeting and found ourselves with a free day to play in the Metroplex area. I believe this was MD’s first visit to the Lone Star state and high on his “bucket list” was to purchase a pair of “real” cowboy boots.

I had never owned a pair of cowboy boots and was quite intrigued by the thought of purchasing my first pair. The minute we walked into the store I knew exactly what I wanted: a black pair, with the sharpest-tipped toes available. Since the British Invasion of the mid ‘60’s I had always wanted a pair of sharp-tipped, pointed boots or as they were commonly know in Los Angeles…”cockroach killers”.

When I asked the sales person to show me a black pair of boots with toes as sharp as nails, he gave me a cockeyed look and explained, “Only ladies boots come with sharp pointed toes.” Yep, my choices were non-existent in the men’s section, which consisted only square and round-toed boots. Sharp, pointed-toe cowboy boots are made mostly in women’s sizes and are regarded as “riding boots”. But this quest was not going to be denied because of some silly country western tradition. Thus, I insisted on trying on a pair of ladies boots and ended up purchasing this lovely pair.

My taste for cowboy boots is an exercise in style over comfort. I now own two other pairs of women’s cowboy boots (one grey, the other brown), both with sharp-pointed toes.

I fit into a women’s size 10, which can be tad tight at first, so they take a bit of time to break in. My podiatrist is always lecturing me that wearing boots like these are horrible for my back and hips, so I tend to wear them just on Sundays for church or for semi/formal events that last no more than 4 hours, where there are ample opportunities to sit.

So, I’m curious to know:

  • Do you think I’m crazy to wear women’s boots?
  • Are you a fan of country western apparel? If so, what strikes your fancy?
  • Do you wear clothing that is made specifically for the opposite gender?

    I look forward to reading your comments!

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