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Attention Sports Fans! Who are Your Top 5 Athletes of All Time That You’ve Watched in Person?!

Let the debate begin!

Who are the top 5 athletes of all time that you have watched in person? Not on TV, not on DVD or a replay…but you were in the stands to watch!

Let me start by listing my Top 5:

  1. Walter Payton : one of my favorite athletes of all time – soft spoken athlete, who had more moves than a professional dancer – one of the classiest athletes of all time
  2. Bobby Orr: watched him many times at the old Boston Garden including the Stanley cup finals (with my dad) when he scored the winning goal flying thru the air – amazing talent who was way ahead of his time
  3. Secretariat: growing up I always had the pleasure of going to Saratoga Springs (Tagline – The August Place to Be) I still remember going to the track with my Uncle and cousins and watching this great horse dominate in the summer of 1972 before he won the triple crown!
  4. Michael Jordan: his court presence was off the charts. Saw him score 60+ points in a game at the garden and couldn’t believe what I was watching. He could dominate a game from the locker room!
  5. Jack Nicklaus: great golfer, who was always in control!

Now your turn!

  • What do you think of my choices?
  • Who are your Top 5 athletes of all time that you’ve watched in person?

    I look forward to reading your comments!

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