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Easy to Sign Up, Hard to Cancel

One of my pet peeves is companies that make it very easy to sign up for their services and almost impossible to cancel.I had this exact problem with a gym. They couldn’t have been nicer when I signed up and paid them but when the facility wasn’t working for me, I had to jump through hoops to get out of the contract even though the salesperson guaranteed it would be easy to terminate. Finally, I was tired of dealing with them and disputed the charge on American Express…mysteriously, it went away never to be heard from again. I must admit, a few weeks ago the same thing happened with Sirius Radio. I spoke to three different people, thought I had cancelled the service (because I was getting rid of the car) and each time (much to my surprise) it wasn’t cancelled and no credit was coming as they had promised.

  • Does this happen to you?
  • How much does this bother you?
  • Who is the worst offender of this practice?
  • Any helpful hints to make the process easier?

I look forward to reading your comments.

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