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This Thank You Note Was Just a Little Different…

Friday, March 6th, 2015

A few months ago I had the pleasure of attending the bat mitzvah for a daughter of a good friend of mine. K.H. did an amazing job, the event was fabulous at a beautiful country club in California. A few weeks after the event, I received a thank you note. Except…this note was a little different. K.H. sent me a really nice and heartfelt thank you and, as a bonus, my good friend M.H. wrote some really kind words on the same thank you note above where his daughter had written.

I really liked this! I thought it was a great idea and it meant a lot to me that he took the time to do that and it had never happened before to me.

  • Have you ever received a thank you note that included more than one person thanking you?
  • If you haven’t received one, what do you think of what M.H. did?
  • Do you like the idea enough that you would do the same thing if someone traveled a long distance for a graduation or sweet 16 party?

What Do You Like To Do Alone?

Wednesday, March 4th, 2015

A few weeks ago I was traveling and had some free time at night. Rather than sit in my hotel room I decided to go to a sporting event. This may sound normal for me except that…I went to the game alone!

This got me to thinking about what activities people like to or are comfortable doing alone.

Please take a quick little quiz and let me know your thoughts!

Click Here to Take The Quiz.

I look forward to reading your comments.

The First 13 Minutes Were All Bad…Does it Really Have to Be that Way?!

Monday, March 2nd, 2015

A few weeks ago, I was watching a local newscast and noticed something that seemed a little odd to me! Story after story after story involved: murder, child abduction, fighting overseas, bad weather, airplane crash, terrorist threat and many other not-so-nice things! This went on for 13 minutes! Yes, 13 minutes of bad news! I will admit: I don’t usually watch the local news but couldn’t they fit in one feel good story about someone donating money to a charity to build a school? Or someone winning a special award? Or someone celebrating a 90th birthday or a 75th wedding anniversary?!

If I were producing a local newscast I would make sure that within the first 3 minutes there was at least one nice story! One story that would make people feel good!

What do you think?

  • Have you noticed this?
  • Does only bad news help ratings?
  • What would you do differently if you were producing the news?

I look forward to reading your comments.