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Some people are laughing and some people can relate – which are you?

A few weeks ago I was visiting my parents with my kids and my daughter said, “daddy I would like to watch a movie.” So I asked:

  • Sweetie what channel is it on – dad it isn’t on TV
  • Ok did you see a movie in grandpa’s DVD collection – no dad that isn’t it
  • Babe I would rather not order a pay per view movie is there something else you can watch she said no dad I would like to watch Beauty and the Beast and here it is

She proceeds to hand me a large plastic object which is a VHS tape – her brothers are laughing and of course asking what that is while I am in shock that I am actually putting the tape in a VHS machine and yes it still works!

After a chuckle or two inside I ask you:

  • Can you relate to this story?
  • Do your parents still have one that works and they use?
  • Or are you actually laughing so hard that you can’t even type?

I look forward to reading your comments.

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