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Do you turn back the clock – yes or no?

On my last trip to the east coast I decided to try something different and not change my watch to reflect the correct time zone. No matter where I go I always change my watch to reflect where I am going prior to getting off the plane. I have lots of friends and industry contacts who actually don’t change their watch and this time I decided to join that team.

I must admit it was a little different. I did like the fact I knew what time it was back in the office but didn’t really like it when I went to sleep and was setting my alarm. That part made me very nervous since my iPhone does change automatically and was a different time than my watch.

I probably will change my watch when I am in a different time zone but I am curious to know what you do?

  • Do you change your watch to the new time zone?
  • If not, have you always done that?
  • Do you do it so you know what time to call the kids or your spouse?
  • Do you do it to know what time you should go to sleep?

I look forward to hearing your comments.

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