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Hey guys slow down!!!!!!

So there I was at the airport early (before 6:30am) getting ready to board a flight. I actually like getting to the airport early in the morning. It’s kind of somber, quiet, and really gives me an opportunity to look around and take in everything.

As I was sitting there listening to music I noticed that a few couples walked past me and both of the men were walking ahead of their partners/significant others. As usual this gave me a chance to pause and think about it and I actually performed a test. As I was sitting there, I said to myself how many of the next 10 couples that walk by me are walking together or one person is 3-4 steps ahead of the other. Well the results are in and sure enough 7 men were ahead of their partner, 1 women was ahead of her partner, and the other 2 people were walking together. I decided to do it one more time to see if the results would change and they really didn’t. Men still walked ahead of their partners in 6 cases while the other 4 couples were walking together. I realize this isn’t a scientific experiment but it does make me wonder:

  • Do you think men typically walk faster than women?
  • Are men more impatient and anxious to get to their gate or baggage claim more than women?
  • Do men just have to take the lead?
  • In your relationship does one of you tend to walk a little faster than the other?

I look forward to reading your comments.

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