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Time to wake up your kids….I have been told I do it wrong…..

Let me set the stage correctly, it is still dark out, my kids are all sleeping, it’s a school day, and time to get up. As I walk up the stairs quietly preparing for the mumbled words of why no one wants to get up and basically kick me out of their room. As I enter room number one – without question the most dangerous – my daughter’s room, who doesn’t like to get up and has lots of stuffed animals that she could throw, not to mention the Barbie dolls and accessories on the floor that I always have to tip toe around so they don’t cut into my skin as I prepare to get to her bed. Of course, that wake up doesn’t go well. The second and third rooms aren’t much better!

The morning isn’t old and I am already tired and under pressure to make sure they get up, eat, get dressed, have all their books, brush their teeth and so on……

Well after lots of struggling mornings my daughter says to me, “dad I don’t like the way you wake me up.” Always inquisitive I asked, “what don’t you like about it and, more important, how should I wake you up and will you actually get up?”

Well after a conversation, my daughter has asked me to walk quietly over to her, don’t turn on the lights, rub her back, whisper it’s time to get up sweetie and that should work. Much to my surprise I’m excited to report that three days in… it has worked!!!!

I have promised to continue to wake her up “her way”!

  • Have you experienced this same problem?
  • How do you wake up your kids?
  • Do your kids use technology as a way to wake up?

I look forward to reading your comments.

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